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I cook because I love to eat

Eating is my favorite thing to do besides sleeping. While I enjoy eating at restaurants, I often find that I would do things differently, maybe use less butter and salt or add more veggies. I take things I have tried and enjoyed and take a swing at making them myself.

Here's the problem though...I'm not great at following recipes. I don't like to make trips to the grocery store just to make a certain dish. I'm a big fan of using whatever I have in my fridge and pantry. So if you are following my recipes, know that a little give and take here and there is okay and substitutions are encouraged.

As you probably could have guessed, baking is my weak point. That being said, I hope that this site encourages me to be successful in my manipulation of recipes and find a happy balance in baking where I can have a delicious turnout while still adding my own flare to it.

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